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Below are informal company updates that I post about once a week (on Fridays usually) to help keep customers and prospective customers "in the loop" as best as possible

04 July 17

OK folks, Ive been offline for about 3 weeks or so now - for 2 reasons.

First and foremost I was involved in a car accident early last month (I was t-boned in the drivers door totaling my vehicle) and while at first it seemed to be just bumps and bruises I have started having considerable issues with loss of feeling and fine motor control in my left arm since. Early MRI results indicate that one of the anchors for the hardware in my neck from my military injuries has fractured out of the bone and is allowing the disk to compress against the nerves running to my arm. This combined with my already deteriorating health has lead to the significant reduction of products available though the webstore and with the possibility of more spinal surgery in my future my close HBA down for a undetermined period maybe a few months or a year or may end up being forever...... I don't really know at this point.

Ive told a few of you I had items to ship out and they haven't gone out in the last few weeks because I went on what should have been a 2 day rescue and transport run to California 2 weeks ago - long story short I blew the transmission in my new vehicle between Needles and Barstow California and ended up sitting in a hotel room with 4 dogs in Barstow until the shop could order in a tranny from Florida and get it installed - Me and the "new" vehicle just got home late last night. I have a doctors appointment today and have court over the accident tomorrow meaning it will be Saturday before I can get any of the dozen or so orders shipped out. From there I will be working to clear the back log of about 20 standing orders - once thats done I will be making a determination on where I feel my health is and if I can even try and keep things going or if its time to just close up and heal up for a bit.............

~T Sublette

17 July 2017 update

Thank you all for the well wishings and letters of concern over my back - it is greatly appreciated on this end.

In regards to orders that have been received, there seems to be some confusion about what will happen with orders that had been received prior to the store product listing reduction that occurred last month after my accident. ALL ORDERS RECEIVED will be filled BEFORE the shop closes down (if it comes to that, at this point that is still very much up in the air as it supports my K9 rescue efforts but if I cant manage to work due to physical health issues then it may come to a suspension of operations / closure).

As of this typing the following orders have been received and queued for production:

Orders currently being worked on in the shop that should be shipping by this weeks end (7 total):

Orders that have been started that I hope to have completed and shipped by the end of this week (6 total):
Brian D - OID/RID Exchange

Orders that have been started but will likley not be ready for shipping until next week (5 total):
Greg R RID/OID Exchange and weldment fixture

Orders that I still need to order in material for (Likely at the end of next week meaning they will start production in 2 weeks with shipping being as they are completed) (9 total)
Mark W (no order number available)

Total orders in production queue: 27

I hope this helps alleviate any unintended confusion or concerns over what orders have been received or what will happen with them during this transition period.

~Terry S

All ATF/NFA rules apply to purchases made from this site.

 The information/products in these web pages are not intended to be used to construct illegal firearms.

 It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to know and understand all applicable Federal, State and local laws before placing an order.
By placing any order you are agreeing that you accept all legal responsibility for the products purchased and their subsequent use.

For legal semi auto and dummy gun information, contact BATF at: www.atf.gov

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that all photographs, descriptions and specifications on this website are accurate.
However, inadvertent errors may occur, and changes in design or materials, due to our continual effort to improve products, may result in some change in specifications before subsequent publications are issued.
HBA reserves the right to modify or change specifications with or without notice at any given time.