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Welcome to the HBA turn around and shipping timeline calendar page!

Over the first 9 years of running HBA I tried very hard to update this page (Albeit it did not have the fancy calendar back then) and as new questions came in I would post information in that regard for future customers to see - unfortunately what I have learned happened around year 4 was it became such a lengthy page that well, no one wanted to read though it all. It took another 5 years to realize that the page needed to be short and to the point with a more "generalized" answer to suit a wider range of inquires that all fall along the lines of :

"How long before I can plan on having the parts I want to / have ordered"

Under the new operating system (in placed Sept 2016) all orders UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE IN THAT SPECIFIC PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION PAGE can be expected to take generally between 4 and 8 weeks to ship depending on where in the order cycle you place your order as well as when payment is received



 Finer point details and in depth details regarding our shipping/order fulfillment cycles can be found below.


All dates are calendar date unless that date falls on a weekend or holiday then it will shift FORWARD to the NEXT WORKING DAY

OK, here's where I will list out some of the finer "longer" details for those who want to know more about the operations here at HBA, Its up to you weather you wish to read them or not - but - if you email me asking for information that has already been provided for you here on this page then you will simply receive a form letter back redirecting you back here. Please do not think I am being rude by doing this, its a time management issue. As a one man shop I can spend 10 minutes an email x6 emails a day answering essentially what this page was set up to answer or I can send a form letter at a key stroke. The difference on my end is one method takes 60 minutes a day from my schedule where I could be making parts in the shop while the second method takes me about 30 seconds to do..... Its not me being rude, its me managing the companies time to the best of my ability, that's all.


Finer point details about the production times and an explanation of the schedule calendar:

Simply put (with the help of the calendar below) HellBox Armory operates on a 2 cycle schedule that lasts 8 weeks in total.


Finer point details about the production times and an explanation of the schedule calendar:

Simply put (with the help of the calendar below) HellBox Armory operates on a 2 cycle schedule that lasts 8 weeks in total.


The cycles can be classified or viewed in/as falling into two categories

  1. A Production cycle/Order Fulfillment cycle - Generally this cycle operates from the first of each month though the 21st of each month and is when production for the previous ordering cycle occurs.

  2. Order placement cycle - This cycle generally operates from the 21st of each month though the 10th of the following month (20 days on average) OR UNTIL A PREDETEMINED NUMBER OF ORDERS HAVE BEEN PLACED - The ability to place orders will be then SUSPENDED for THAT ORDERING CYCLE after whichever is reached first.

    (PLEASE NOTE: The "Target order limit" number is not a public number it will change some each month based off of factors such as: How many order have been received verses how many payments actually remitted on average over the past 90 days, market/build trends (sometimes the "Hot build of the month" is an easier product to produce so on those months I can accept a few more orders knowing that several will be "Quick to produce", Issues in the shop (Equipment failures namely - again as a one man shop when something breaks then I'm the one sitting up at 2am trying to figure out the issue(s) -+ so this can impact production schedules if a major issue arises) and lastly, my health (See delays below for more on "Health")



In addition to the two cycles I feel there are a few dates each month worth noting:

Monday - Thursdays are: "Shop days" - this means I am predominantly in the shop making parts, while I may pass though the office on these days my focus is on PRODUCTION.

Fridays are: "Office days" - This means on Fridays I answer emails, post updates, package orders and do shipping, make bank deposits, perform routing site maintenance, minor shop repairs ect ect - these days the focus is on RUNNING THE COMPANY

Saturday and Sundays (including national holidays) - I will no longer be working weekends, This was a downfall practice I have perfected over the years - working 6 or 7 days a week in the shop and then feeling like I have no time for me. This mindset has caused considerable and compiling health consequences on my end and as I look up towards my 50th birthday I have decided "I've earned 2 days a week off - and I'm gonna start taking them off - for me"

The 21st of each month: This is the day that:

  1. Each ordering period opens when you can place orders with HBA, This ordering window closes after a preset number of order are received OR on the 10th of the following month (Witch ever comes first)


  3. The 22nd of each month: This is the date I order material for the next production run (Production runs start on the first of each month and run though the 21st of the same month) and is the EXACT REASSON PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVD BEFORE THE 21st for YOUR ORDER TO BE PROCESSED INTO THE SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT PRODUCTION RUN! Payments received AFTER the cut off are subject to being voided and refunded - rolled into the following production schedule (I'll do this until it seems folks are abusing the roll over and just using it as a means to send payment "Late" - if I notice this trending then I will stop the practice. Were building firearms here folks, I expect everyone on this site to be adult enough to be able to place and order and make payment ON TIME - after all, you expect me to deliver a product ON TIME right?)

This is also the date that the shop can either go into the "extended production cycle" or in the event that the scheduling worked out and did its job then all orders should be out by this date allowing the shop to slip into maintenance mode/cycle until the 1st of the month. This week long cycle is created as a pocket between the two cycles to allow for maintenance of the shop and store/site while awaiting the materials to arrive for the next production cycle. Material is ordered on the 22nd and usually takes between 7 to 10 days to arrive depending on source, this works well and creates the "Pocket" in the schedule to allow for flexibility if a few to many orders were accepted as well as if there are maintenance needs in the shop/office or site/store.

The 1st of each month: This is the date that each production run (one per month) begins. Production runs are designed to run though the 21st of each month with the last 7 days being set aside for shop/site maintenance and or backlog situation should they occur.

The 10th (Or there bouts) of each month: The ordering window will close. The 10th is the latest this will general occur but can happen at anytime after the 21st of the previous month, this is because this closure date is not govern strictly by the calendar but is also directly tied to how many orders have been placed in that cycle verses how many physical payment have been received in previous cycles (This "Target order number" is generated based off the previous 3 months of trends in customer ordering/payment remittance)

This brings us back to the 21st of the month where the two cycles restart while pocketing the maintenance period "under them".



What happens if my payment arrives after the cut off date / after the 21st?

You will be offered the opportunity to have the order slide into the next order cycle or the order can be voided and refunded. To maintain an orderly schedule I can no longer "Stay a few hours late each night" or "Come in over the weekends" to fill orders that were simply not paid before the deadline of the 21st - it's sort of like having a customer steal my personal time to fill an order they didn't care enough about to get payment in on time for...... If you don't care enough about the order then I seldom see the need for me to compensate for it on my end.



Are delays possible?

Yes, sadly that is a part of life - delays are always possible and while I strive my best to avoid them they can and sometimes do happen.

The two main factors for delays at HellBox Armory are:

  1. Equipment failures - Simple as that, This is why the new schedule (Sept 2016) allows for a full week to service the shop and make repairs along the way before they become serious complications to the flow of production. It's both less stress for me (as the shop repair guy) to know if I see an issue that needs a days work and its say the 14th of the month, well a week later (on/about the 22nd of each month) providing all orders are fulfilled then the shop can switch into a 7 day maintenance cycle and repairs can take place - or if no  maintenance in required I can do office  maintenance (Website / webstore / CAD & CAM work ect - yes, I do all of those tasks also plus many more here at HBA, never a shortage of work to be done and again - this is why the schedules were placed in Sept 2016, to bring structure and order to an otherwise chaotic work environment.

  2. Shop staff (my) health -  Again, for those who do not know or have not seen it elsewhere on the site - HellBox Armory is small family owned and operated shop. I, Terry Sublette, owner/operator of HBA LLC am in fact a 90% VA rated (94% uncorrected and 230% totalized disability ratings) am very much a disabled American combat veteran who served in total 21 years and served in 6 combat deployment (over 3 theaters / 2 campaigns) with 2 additional NATO tours (Expeditionary and stabilization force). My point being - there are days where I can over do it and I pay physically the next day or two or even longer. Over the years I have learned to manage my health better than I typically have since the company started and is in part a large reason for the changes put in place in 2016, to reduce UNNECISARY stressors involved with the company. Thus in making the changes of September 2016 one of my most sincere hopes is to streamline the site and actual operation in house to reduce not only the additional and unnecessary stresses to me and the operator (Reducing my down time) but to you as the customer as well (Less health down time = shorter turn around times/faster order fulfillment).


So, What happens if there is a schedule delay?

Two things will happen, First and foremost the ordering gate will delay in opening until orders have caught back up - this literally means that if a backlog occurs then on the following 21st when we open up for new orders, that opening will delay though the maintenance cycle to allow for me to catch back up. The second is that the use maintenance cycle can double at time to allow for "minor" (Less than a week) delays or health setbacks to happen without disrupting the overall flow of production. Any setback or delay due will be announce on the main page of the site at the earliest possible time permitable by the situation at hand (IE IF my health suddenly failed and required 3 days in the hospital then for obvious reasons I would not be able to "Swing by the office and update the main page" but it will be updated ASAP should such an occurrence happen.

Can I request or receive updates to the status of my order?

Absolutely, As of this writing I am looking into a automated system for listing individual order updates onsite, I have also recently in placed a email update system that will go live this week (The week of Sept26th) that will send out automatic updates as to when payments are received, when orders move up/down (Jump out of order of the queue) in the queue, when production is completed, when shipping occurs as well as a tracking number update from USPS.com .

Personally, a s a customer I wouldn't want so many updates but the feature allows for an "opt out" by the customer so I thought it better to have the system and have customers not need it than vice-versa. Because the new refocus of the company is time management allowing higher throughput rates I will no longer be able to manually search though pages of payments that have been made with only an order number, this take incredible amounts of time to do and can really derail a day in the shop.

What I would ask from each customer who wishes a manual update (Yes, your asking me to take time to do some investigating for you, I don't feel out of line asking you to take some time to provide me with the info I need to be able to help with the request) is to PLEASE provide to me with the request as this info allows me to narrow down and pinpoint a likely place to start in regards to researching the history, progress and "Status" of any given order  (That has been received and paid for anyway):


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