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A reoccurring question has been coming in at a increasing rate so I wanted to take a moment to address it here.
The basic question revolves around HBA offering specials or sales prices.

The simple answer is unfortunately "not so simple" but the down and dirty of it is this:

Any company that exists has to make a profit margin or cease to exists. Thus far I have been fairly successful at keeping HBA's overhead to a minim - a testimony to that is the fact that we generaly do not "stock" items but rather most of our products are made to order and that the turn around times include the time it takes us to order the material and receive any material needed to fill a particular order. In terms of overhead, ordering materiel and having it sit in holding on a shelf before a order is placed for it creates overhead, its a cost that must be absorbed by the company before the product is sold. The same goes for machining a part before it is ordered - only now the overhead is effectively doubled or even tripled, and this is before anyone even says they want the item.........

The same happens with "sales":
Sales/discount items or offerings create additional overhead in that any particular item has to make a certain profit (or more specific, any given item has to make a profit that is averaged over time). For example, in order to offer a 20% off sale on a given item for a month - then that means the company must mark up the price of that item at some other point to meet the expected profit margin (averaged over time). This 20% off is great if your able to buy it at the time its on sale - but any other time your paying a "inflated price" so that the product meets it expected profit margin, and that's simply not what HBA was founded on. When I launched HBA we intended to offer ALL home builders the best quality parts that we could produce at the best prices we could - all the time.

HBA does offer one discount and that is to the Military/LEO and DAV crowd. This is actually a profit margin discount as we (HBA) felt that we would rather offer such a discount - lowering our overall profit margin as opposed to trying to inflate the product prices elsewhere. After all, these are the men and women who are or have stood in harms way, regardless of if they themselves as individuals agree or disagree with the reasons they have to do so. For that, I, as the founder of HBA can not say thank you enough and as such if I can offer some small profit sacrifice then it in the end seems like a small price to pay on my behalf.

I hope this explains/alleviates some of the questions about why or when HBA will be having sales, in simple we won't - we do our best to offer our items at the lowest price that we can 365 days a year going on 3 years now.

Best regards,
~Terry S
HBA, Owner

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