Crossbow Targets

Utilizing targets in your crossbow hunting practice routine is a great way to hone your aiming skills. Although no target can compare to the actual experience of hunting a living creature, they are a great way to get yourself prepared for the real thing. There are many different kinds of targets available, and this article will outline two of the best.

One great option for a crossbow target is the Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600, which runs for $90. This target is in the form of a deer and features 125 inch antlers, a 31 inch shoulder height and comes packaged with ground stakes. Although it is very durable, purchasing a replacement core is recommended if you practice your crossbow hunting frequently.

It is very effective at stopping your shots at distance of 15 – 70 yards, providing a great range of use for all kinds of hunters. Additionally, they work well with a variety of different arrows from the range of 430 to 785 grains of weight. One downside of this product is the vital insert, which is somewhat difficult to fit into the body cavity. Additionally, fieldpoint arrows are not recommended as they are difficult to undo due to them fusing into the insert. Ultimately, this is a good product for casual crossbow hunters or beginners looking to get some target practice.

Types of Crossbow Targets

  • 3D targets
  • Foam targets
  • Bag targets

Another great option for improving your aim at an even cheaper price is the HME Products BTS Bag Target Stand, Olive, which runs for $43. It features a heavy duty tubing design that securely holds the target, a stabilizer pin to prevent movement when the target is struck and a raised leg design to ensure effective target practice on uneven ground.

The raised leg design is one of the biggest benefits of this product as it provides flexibility for crossbow hunters who like to practice shooting in areas of inconsistent environmental characteristics; this includes hills, forests and other areas with uneven geography. Additionally, you can glide the hanger brackets along the tubing to adjust the width depending on the bag size, providing additional flexibility in terms of the size of the target.

This only downsides of this product are the instruction manual, which is a bit unclear, and the fact that it does not come with any bag targets.

However, these are minor gripes when considering all of the great things about this product. Ultimately, the HME Products BTS Bag Target Stand is a cheap, quality archery product that can be used for both beginner and expert crossbow hunters who want a flexible target aid for all types of environments, indoor or outdoor.

All things considered, both the Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600 and the HME Products BTS Bag Target Stand, Olive are both great ways to improve your crossbow skills through target practice. The HME Products BTS Bag Target Stand is geared towards those who want flexibility, whereas the Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600 is a simple unit for hunters who just want to practice shooting without much setup or customization.

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