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From time to time I get emails asking if I/HBA will "trade" for HBA merchandise and the firm answer is......




In all seriousness it really depends on what your asking for (in HBA merchandise) and what your offering (and sometimes, more to the point, what value you are placing on the item(s) your offering). I'll try to keep the list below as up-to-date as possible but as things change I may or may not remember to annotate it on the list below. In the end, if you have something to trade you are more than willing to make the proposition but do not be upset or offended if I decline the offer - it seems simple enough ,but its gone bad from time to time in the past.


I will note a few things here though, If you offer a trade item.

First: I will likely want to see pictures of it - so please, do not be offended if you say its in "XYZ" condition and I ask to see pictures, its not a insult its simple business (Would you send me $200.00 for a item in our site with no picture listed as a "Thing-a ma-jigie in excellent shape")?

Second: IF a trade agreement is reached, I (as the owner and spokesman for HBA) will expect your item to be shipped to us and received and inspected before any HBA product is shipped / order be marked as paid and scheduled for production. Again, this is not a insult to your integrity it is simple safe business. (This can be thanked to someone who sent me a empty box after we agree'd I would ship a little over $700.00 in products the day after a tracking number was received............. the tracking number was received and the HBA items sent.......... when the trade item box arrived it was sealed and empty .......... reeeaaaaaallll funny.........)

Here's some of the things in particular that I am looking for:




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