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HellBox Armory currently is only accepting payments in the form of Money Orders, Personal Checks (or company if you are a authorized signer) - Checks are subject to being held until they clear plus 72 hours. Currently we are not set up to accept credit cards directly, while this can be a minor inconvenience it is yet one more way that we have elected to keep our overhead cost low and the savings passed on to our customers.

Checks/Money Orders can be filled out to either "Terry W Sublette" or "HellBox Armory"

The mail in address is given during the check out on the top left corner of the 4th page (The invoice page to be printed out) - in case it was missed here it is again:

HellBox Armory
ATTN: Sales
16593 E Wyoming Dr
Aurora, Co

Regretfully, Due to the overhead it creates (Additional phone lines and dedicated staff or having to shut down equipment to hear/talk on a phone in the shop), we currently we do not accept phone in orders, nor do we have a staffed phone line for calling in orders/questions.

PLEASE DO NOT ask me for my home contact info (IE "Can I call you on your cell/home line then"?) - Once upon a time I did attempt to offer my customers this option but after having to have the numbers changed twice on two phone lines due to calls at all hours of the night for product and NON-PRODUCT calls (I had 3 "intoxicated" hunters call me one night at 3am asking me to "Pick" what grain round was best for deer season..........) I had to end this practice. There are ways of finding my number, its not hard in today's world - but, if you call my house about a business issue then I will refer you back to this page and the call will be terminated - if it happens twice then I will cancel/remove any active orders and you maybe placed on the DNST (Do Not Sell To) list.


Company Policies, Guidelines and TOS




Errant shipments: While we do our best to keep shipments in order and "on track" on occasion it is possible for orders to be miss labeled or a RID item may get errantly shipped as a OID (or vice-versa). Should this happen with your order we will generally pay return shipping of the errant item and then pay the reshipping of the correct item. Should the errant item be returned and found to not be in error it will be the customers responsibility to reimburse HBA for the actual shipping cost for the initial return as well as the shipping cost back to said customer BEFORE the item will be reshipped.

Shipments arriving with shortages:  While it is a rare occurrence on occasion it is always possible that in the confusion of some of the heavier packaging and shipping dates items or components may be inadvertently left out of a package being boxed up. While we make every effort to ensure that every item is included in each and every package in the end of the day we are only human and oversights can occur. In the event that your order or package arrives with shortages please let us know via an e-mail within 30 days of receipt and I will take the necessary steps to confirm what contents may or may not have been in the package. This is often done by comparing the weight of the items that should have been contained in the package with registered shipping weight for that particular package. In the event that a detectable difference in weights is verifiable then the missing components will be mailed at no cost to the customer as quickly as possible. Because this data is only kept in most carrier systems on average from 60 to 90 days it becomes increasingly difficult to assist with shortages after 60 days. After 90 days my hands are generally tied and I am unable to replace items that are reported as missing from the order.

Shipments arriving with overages: as with shortages is always possible that any given package, on any given day, a item from the next packaging line may be inadvertently added to the incorrect package. I would ask any customers receiving overages to please notify me via e-mail so that the overages can be returned to HellBox Armory at no cost to the customer. Generally speaking I try to offer a store credit for returned overage items as such items are considered a loss financially to the company and in the long run can result in higher overall product cost. The store credit offering is my way of deferring that product overall cost increase as well as a way of saying thank you for the honesty of the customer.

Defective shipments: Every item is closely inspected before shipping however a error is still possible to slip out on occasion, if you feel your item contains a defect then by all means EMAIL us for a RMA - we can not attempt to correct a error we do not know exists. Should you locate a defect and obtain the required RMA then we will generally reimburse return shipping (see note below) of the defective item and then pay the reshipping costs of the replacement. Should the defective item be returned and found to not be defective then it will be the customers responsibility to reimburse HBA for the actual shipping cost for the initial return as well as the shipping cost back to said customer BEFORE the item will be reshipped. If such a defect is found the item MUST BE returned in the same condition received - no items will be accepted back in ANY condition other than the condition they were in when shipped from HBA.

Reimbursable shipping is the base shipping price as calculated for shipping a item - it DOES NOT include or cover fees such as expedited delivery to HBA, insurance or delivery confirmations/signature req.


Returns/Forced Refunds (IE Customer request) (Due to change of mind Prior to expected shipping date or after receipt of shipment):  From time to time we all make impulse buys or maybe we order a item then decide to get it elsewhere. We understand and accept this as a possibility - however HBA will not accept a loss for what is basically your change of mind. Before sending any item back you will be required to contact us via email and obtain a RMA, please include your order number and reason for your desire to return the item(s). Once the item(s) are returned in the same condition as they were when shipped from HBA then a refund authorization will be made - The refund will be processed and mailed out WITHIN 28 days of receiving the return back.

Returns in this category are generally Govern by the following : (1) Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the returnee (2) Refund will be in the amount of original order minus 10%, this generally covers the initial shipping costs, the refund costs (Money order or certified/cashiers draw check) and the mailing of the refund.

Forced Refunds in this category are generally Govern by the following :  Refund will be in the amount of original order minus 10%, this generally covers the office time invested in the initial manufacturing scheduling (Waived under certain circumstances), Material ordering/procurement and processing (Waived under certain circumstances), the refund costs (Money order or certified/cashiers draw check) and the mailing of the refund.


Returns/Refunds (Due to change of mind after the projected dated of shipping or 60 days - whichever is greater): These requests will generally be refunded with no fee or deduction - such refunds will be processed as quickly as possible and will be mailed within 28 days of the request.


Missing packages marked delivered by carrier: Once a package is released from HellBox Armory and is scanned in at any point by the carrier HellBox Armory is released from liability of the package should it be damaged or lost by the carrier. In such cases the customer must contact the carrier immediately so that a claim for lost / damaged package report can be filed by the customer with the carrier. Generally speaking a package that is marked as delivered by the carrier that is not present at the address the package was mailed to can be found to have been errantly delivered to the wrong location or suspected of theft after delivery, conditions that are clearly outside of HellBox Armory's scope of responsibility - as such HellBox Armory is not able to replace such packages.

Insurance is not generally included with HBA sales cost - If shipping insurance is desired then it must be ADDED by the customer for that specific order. The insurance options can be located on the left side tree listing, at the bottom is a category marked "Shipping Insurance" - units can be added to the order to achieve any amount to a $5.00 figure and any amount can be entered as the customer feels is necessary. These fee's are what we pay the carrier to insure your package, we do not profit from insurance - even if its never needed - it is paid to the carrier to cover you in the event that your package is then lost or damaged by said carrier. Beyond that though HBA has no liability for such losses or damages after shipping has occurred. If ever needed we will, upon request from the customer, gladly provide a statement from HellBox Armory along with any supporting documentation that indicates that the package was released to/delivered by the carrier (via tracking records we received back after shipping) as well as any supporting insurance fee documentation to help support a reimbursement from the carrier to the customer or from the carrier to us (then allowing the order to be reprocessed and refilled with a replacement item shipping to the customer as intended), generally speaking though this is the extent of HellBox Armory's involvement or responsibility in such cases.

General Release of Liability (ROL)

In general it is the customer/end builders responsibility to be familiar with the product/services that are offered by/though HBA in that they can identify obvious defects or inaccuracies with a product/service where in the customer assumes such liability for the use, misuse, representation or misrepresentation of any product once it has been received by them (with applicable and reasonable time to inspect any such product/service). This acceptance and ROL will be effected no later than the point that said product is altered in anyway that is permeate and/or in anyway that violates the outlined return policies. Once the ROL is effected the item will be considered in acceptable/usable condition by the customer/end builder and as such HBA will be released from liability for said product(s).

Third party contacts

HBA will not correspond with 3rd parties (IE Any person who did not place the order as the buyer or recipient) regarding orders. This is primarily done to avoid confusion between multiple parties being involved in multiple emails regarding any particular issue(s). This also helps prevent HBA from the liability of being implicated in the event that a customer elects to have their receiver completed by a non 07 facility and is subsequently indicted in litigation as a result of that firearm. By eliminating ourselves from dealing with 3rd parties we also remove ourselves from involuntary implication for offering advise to a misrepresented 3rd party "manufacture of a firearm" scenario. IE The "HBA told us we could /didn't tell us we couldn't do it that way" defense - in the end it is up to you or your designated manufacture (Legally: Any person, company or figure that makes, completes to a FFL status or reactivates a firearm) to know, understand and comply with any and all Federal, State and local laws in regards to your own builds - Period.

On a case by case basis HBA will work directly with 07 license holders who are willing to provide a scanned copy of their current 07 status upon request. Again, this is to prevent HBA from being directly or indirectly involved, associated or in any way connected with the illegal manufacture of firearms or firearm components.


NSF/Returned Checks

HellBox Armory is charged $27.00 for each check returned to us by our financial institution - this is a fee that is taken from HBA because the check was deposited by us on assumption that YOUR account would clear the check. We have two options, either we can raise the cost of all products and force everyone to pay extra to cover these fee's or we can hope that the customer will be responsible enough to cover the fee that their NSF incurred so that it is not passed on to others, regardless if they wish to keep the order in good standing or let it be canceled.

In the even that your personal check is returned to us for non-sufficient funds (NSF) we will email you a copy of the returned check and a link to this page. You will be allotted 72 business hours (3 business days) from the time that email is sent to contact us with how you wish to handle the order and associated fee's (if you wish to pay the fee's and drop the order or re-remit funds for both the fee's and the order). Should we not hear from you within the allotted time we will assume you wish to cancel the order. If HBA has not been reimbursed or contacted to arrange reimbursement within thirty (30) calendar days - the outstanding debit will be subject to action by a national collection agency resulting in additional fee's that will be assessed by such agency policies and guidelines.

Any reimbursement or repaying of a NSF payment will have to be in the form of a Money order - this is non-wavetable.

I do understand that sometimes "things happen" - I can understand and even accept that not everyone (including myself) can keep my check book correctly balanced for more than about 20 minutes, be responsible and if life deals you a hard hand or you simply goof up on writing a overdrawn check and your funds are returned then by all means send a email to me at sales@hellboxarmory.com ATTN: TWS and I (The owner of HBA) will receive it directly.

"Free Standing" (Unbonded/Not Applied to Product) Templates

(Applies to Blue Prints, Technical / Engineering and Machinist Drawings as well)

Unfortunately we have had to stop the practice of offering templates as "freebies" or as un-bonded replacements - this change was brought on by the unscrupulous actions of a few individuals who acquired HBA templates early on. In turn they Xeroxed them and offered them for sale on other sites. This lead to a number of "counterfeit" products being returned to HBA - products that were out of spec and not made by HBA - but at some point they had been sold openly as "HBA products, backed by HBA's policies". On at least one account I have been told that another individual has made a competing product  based off our template. This all being said we were forced into the position of having to stop any and all "Free standing" template offerings.

Should you have a HBA item that the template becomes damaged on, please let us know and we will gladly do what we can to either replace the section that is damaged or to provide the dimensions that are need for a given area but in the end we are simply no longer able to offer "Un-bonded/Free standing" templates.

OVER-RUN ITEMS and "Holds"

On occasion we may have "extra" items left over from a run of a given product. These "extra's" are referred to as over-runs and they are made to replace any that may be deemed as blemished or otherwise not up to quality control standards from a given product run. In the event that none from the run are replaced with the over-run(s) then the over-runs are placed on the shelf and "in stock". They are then used to fill orders in the order that orders/funds are received. We can not and will not place "holds" on these items (or, generally speaking, any other HBA items).

We did try this approach (allowing "holds") at one point however it was found to be ineffective and only complicated the order/tracking and processing to the point that it was not only chaos in the office it caused considerable issues in the machine shop with knowing what orders were filled, what orders needed to be filled and just what products had been made and still needed to be made. Additionally we did experience a sharp increase in orders that asked for "holds" ending up as non paid orders, this resulted in wasted shop time (making products in addition to products that had been paid for) but also increased business overheads (Labor, material and tooling cost increases) and costs that had to be passed on to the paying customers.

It is for these reasons that we will not and can  not offer to place "holds" on items. Any and all items that are left as over runs will be shipped to the next order received for that item, to that event we ask that all customers expect and anticipate that a item is going to take UP TO the time stated in the product descriptions. If HBA is able to fill the order in the matter of a day or two (via the use of a run-over item) then it's nothing more than a "Fast turn around" and a pleasant surprise for the customer opposed to "hoping" for a item to be "In stock" and then being upset that it took the stated time to ship.

Right to Refuse Service

HellBox Armory reserves the right to refuse service at ANYTIME

With our without notice

Some reasons include but are not limited to:

We appreciate your understanding,

~Terry Sublette

HellBox Armory, LLC - Owner/Operator



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